viernes, 13 de junio de 2014

How to be a morning person.

Hello cuties!

Being a morning person is probably one of the best yet hardest things.
When you wake up early you can get your workout in and have more time for yourself, personally when I wake up early I feel accomplished and my days are usually more productive.
People who wake up earlier tend to feel more optimistic and are healthier than those who wake up late.
With this post I'm going to help you be a morning person!

This is what works for me:

1. Get enough sleep. This sounds obvious but it's not as easy as it sounds; yes we all know we need a certain amount of hours in order to feel well rested the next morning but we still love staying up late. Go to sleep earlier!!

2. Stay away from carbonated drinks and unhealthy food; this helps you with both, falling asleep earlier and easier and losing weight. Double win!

3. Start slowly. Pick a new wake up time and slowly get there, for example, if you want to wake up at 6 but usually wake up at 9 then set your alarm for 8 and change your alarm every few days.

4.  Find some help, ask your better half, a family member or a friend to text you or even call you when you want to wake up.

5.  And the best of all tips, get your workout first thing in the morning, don't lounge. This will wake your body up and you'll feel instantly energized.

It took me a lot to wake up earlier and I'm not a morning person yet but these are the steps I follow everyday and I can honestly say I feel better and look better! It will take time but YOU CAN DO IT!

I'll see you all later with my favorites this week.

XO Isaya

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  1. Great tips!!! Something I'm going to definitely work on especially the exercise part...maybe I'll start with stretches haha! Keep up the great work!!!!