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10 ways you can be happier!

“Happiness is a state of mind, a choice, a way of living; it is not something to be achieved, it is something to be experienced.” - Steve Maraboli


Happiness is the most important thing in life, when you are happy everything seems to work for you, you get better grades or you have a more productive day at work, even food tastes better when you're happy!

So here are my tips for finding happiness:


1. Wake up early: this one is probably the hardest (at least for me!) but the days I do wake up early I feel happier, I can have things done, have a good breakfast sitting down reading instead of grabbing something to go, the posibilities are endless.

2. Keep active: exercising releases happy chemicals into your brain (endorphins),it makes you less stressed out and you'll look better!


3. Surround yourself with happy people: energies are contagious, if you surround yourself with negative people you will become negative too, so don't be afraid to let them go and find someone who will lift you higher.


4. Choose experiences over stuff: it is true that when you buy something you can touch, see or feel, you get excited, but this feeling wears off. Experiences, specially those you share with loved ones, are something you will always remember.


5. Get out of your comfort zone: it is such a rewarding feeling when you do something you thought or told yourself you couldn't do.


6. Be grateful: happy people never take a day for granted and know how to enjoy the things they have.


7.  Meditate: meditation is proven to increase self-confidence, reduces anxiety and increases positivity.


8. Learn something new: wether it's a new language or a different hobby, learning something new will help you feel more accomplished and it is fun! Find something you truly like and go for it!


9. Write: it is simple, write your negative feelings down, I like to do this at night. If I need to vent or clear my head I write it down and then throw the paper away. Research suggests that physically tossing your worries can lessen their hold over you.


10. Listen to music: positive music, music you like, but do so with the intention of feeling happier. You will notice how your mood changes right away.

I hope with these tips you can find happiness and live a positive life.

Do you have any other tips to find happiness? 

XO Isaya

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  1. I always find that serving others and bringing a smile to others always makes me happy. I also find that laughing often is good for ones happiness and health especially when you are laughing and enjoying time with other making memories just like you said.

  2. All your tips are great but i believe most important is to be active... :)

  3. Great blogpost! All these tips are great ways of getting happy and lifting up your spirit! I'm still having a problem getting up early lol but what I do while I'm in bed is say a prayer for myself, others, and the world...instant boost of happiness-Jasmine


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