miércoles, 19 de noviembre de 2014

Habits for a better life.

Hello beautiful people!

Last night I was watching a video on YouTube about positivity as I do everyday and the words I heard really moved me; then this morning I was on pinterest and found something very similar so today I want to talk about it since I think "the Universe" put those things in my way for a reason!

The video was called 5 habits for a better life and it was by a famous youtuber, she was explaining how she was going to try to do 5 new things for 21 days so they become a habit.

As you might know, I'm always looking for inspiration on how to live a better life and inspire others so I decided to join her challenge and implement these habits in my life:

1. Give compliments: with complete honesty, people notice when you're not being honest. I'm going to try to compliment people everyday.

2. Spend quality time with your loved ones: everyday we think we are spending time with our loved ones when in reality we are only sharing the room or space we're in; instead try to spend time with them by being fully there, not with your phone or in your own little world but be there and do something together. There's nothing better than making memories.

3. Validate others: while it's true you shouldn't live just waiting for validation, it feels good when people does every once in a while.

4. Give more of yourself to others: but do so unconditionally. I know from personal experience that when you give to others waiting nothing in return, beautiful things start happening to you. A little example here: last month I was waiting at a bus stop (because where I live we usually take the bus since things aren`t that far away) and there was a lady who didn't have enough money to pay for her bus ticket, so she asked me to help her, I paid her bus ticket and told her to keep the money, at first I was all sad because I could need it for something else (I am human!) but I decided to change the way I looked at it and started thinking more positive about it; last week, I was late for work and almost missed my bus and when I got in it and was about to pay it I realized I forgot my wallet, now I'm not like that lady I would have never asked for money, so I started getting out the car and someone stopped me and said "wait I will pay for it!" I tried to get that lady's number to pay her back when I could get my wallet but she refused to let me pay her back. Now I know this might seem tiny or even stupid but it made me believe it happened to me because I gave unconditionally and convinced beautiful things would happen to me.

5. Learn to ask for help: as I mentioned above, it's really hard for me to ask for help so I will try to do it more often.

Do you think you do any of these daily? What other habit would you add to this list? 

XO Isaya

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