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Study tips

Hello there!

I've been working as a teacher for 2 years now and today all my students were really overwhelmed because they have exams coming up and they feel like they don't have enough time to do everything they need to do and study.

I know this happens to everyone, it happened to me too but with the years I've been getting better at it so I thought why not share some tips since we all probably have exams or tests soon?

1. Make sure you keep on top of everything. I have a few students that need to write a paper about a book and they've known this for a month now, well it's due next week and they haven't even started the book yet. I know this might sound obvious but there's an example that, as obvious as it sounds, it's not that common. Try and keep up with your work!

2. Space it out. Don't study everything the night before, instead study everyday, by doing this the material will stay in your long term memory.

3. Find a study group. Study groups are amazing but make sure you find people who are serious about the test or else you'll end up talking about everything but the test.

4.Take regular breaks. Taking a break will boost your productivity and the ability to focus on a task. Burning yourself out won't help, I like to take a few breaks a day and relax so I can focus better on whatever I have to study.

5. Test yourself. Or ask others to test you so you find out what you need to practice or study more.

6. Learn what works. Everyone is different, different methods work for different people, so pay attention to how you learn best and stick with it!

I hope these were helpful, let me know what your study tips are!

XO Isaya

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