martes, 18 de noviembre de 2014

The Liebster Award

Hello everyone!

A few days ago the lovely Jasmine at Color U Bold nominated for my second Liebster Award.

I was so excited that she did not only because this is a great opportunity to get to know more blogs but also because her blog is one of my favorites, please check it out if you haven't already!

As I mentioned, I was already nominated for this Award so if you want to know my answers to those questions I'll leave the link here.

The Liebster Award rules are:

1. Link back to the person that nominated you.

2. Answer questions given by the nominator.

3. Nominate other bloggers with less than 200 followers.

4. Create 11 questions for the nominees.
5. Notify all nominees via social media/blogs.

Jasmine's questions for me are:

  1. If you could go on a road trip right now, where would you go?

Anywhere, I’d love to get “lost” and discover new places.

  1. What movie/s could you watch over and over again?

Harry Potter! I just can’t get enough of it.

  1. Who are your favorite bloggers right now?

Color U Bold

Leather & Lipstick

Sincerely Jules

  1. Who is one person that has inspired you?

My really good friend Olga, she is such an inspiring, spiritual and beautiful human being.

  1. Who is your favorite singer at the moment?

I currently have an obsession with Rihanna lol.

  1. Where do you see yourself in the future?

In a big city being successful!

  1. Do you see yourself blogging for a long time?

Definitely! I have a lot to share and learn.

  1. What is one quote that has always stayed with you?

Actions speak louder than words. I repeated this all the time when I was younger and someone who I really appreciate came back into my life recently and told me how the fact that I said this to her all the time has made her change for the better. It’s such a nice feeling to know you inspire people.

  1. What is your advice for someone feeling down and out?

The storm will always pass, I’ve been through a lot myself and by staying positive you can achieve everything.

  1. Tell us a secret?

Well, it would no longer be a secret if I told you!

  1. What is your reason/s for blogging?

At first it was just a way to keep myself motivated to lose weight, but now it’s something I love doing, I love sharing stories or tips with everyone and be able to help someone out!

My questions for my nominees:

What's your favorite food? 
Who is a hero in your life?
Why did you start your blog?
What's your best childhood memory?
Tell me more about your family tradition.
Where are you from?
What was the funniest moment of your last week?
Do you have a pet?
What's soemthing you can't live without?
Tell me how you reacted to a joke a friend told you and what was that joke?
What's the funniest mistype/auto correct fail that's happened to you?

I nominate:

I can't wait to read your answers to these questions!

XO Isaya

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