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The Winter Tag!

Hello everyone!

I was recently tagged by the beautiful Jasmine at Color U Bold to do The Winter Tag; I love these because it lets us know more about all our favorite bloggers! Thank you so much Jasmine for tagging me!

Let me tell you Winter is my second favorite season, I just love everything about it; the weather, the holidays, the food, fashion...  I love it all!

Here are the questions for this tag!

1) What's your favourite seasonal drink from either Starbucks/Costa or your cafe of choice?
Well as you may know from a previous tag, we don't have Starbucks where I live (they better open one soon!!) and I never heard of Costa sorry!
 My favorite drink is my ColaCao (if you don't know what it is you're missing out!) The world could be falling apart but as long as I have my ColaCao everything's fine. 

2) What accessories do you opt for? Scarf/boots/gloves?
I love scarves, I own a million and I can't live without my boots!
3) What's your favourite tunes for this time of year?
Mariah Carey's All I want for Christmas is you of course! Who doesn't love this song?!


4) What scent or perfume do you find yourself favouring this time of year?
Touch of pink from Lacoste, this one I've been using for years and I can't get enough of it.
5) What candle's will you be burning this season?
My orange and chocolate candle from a local store, it comes in a beautiful Christmasy package and it puts me in a Christmas mood as soon as I smell it!
6) What is it you love most about winter?
As I mentioned above, I love winter, I mean I hate being cold but it's a million times better than being always hot and sweaty and where I live it doesn't really get that cold during the winter.
I love everything about winter but if I have to choose one thing it would be staying in bed when I'm off just reading or watching Gilmore Girls and drinking a good cup of ColaCao. 

7) Your favourite make-up look for Winter?
Surprisingly I don't wear much make up but when I do I just like it simple, a bit of eyeliner and mascara and I'm good to go!
8) What are you most looking forward to this winter?
Ok I love this question, I'm going to get a bit serious with you here; this winter I made the decision to leave behind everything that's been holding me back, this is why I'm really excited for the New Year, I made a promise to myself that if by the end of the year I'm not okay with something or in good terms with someone, they will be left in 2014!
"Remember second chances don't expire until midnight" New Year's Eve
I hope you all enjoyed this tag and got to know a little bit more about me.
I tag everyone who wants to answer these questions!
You can read Jasmine's tag here
I love you all!
XO Isaya 

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