lunes, 19 de enero de 2015

Positivity, the key to success!

Happy Monday my beautiful friends!

Starting the day off right is so important to be happy all day long, a small positive thought in the morning could set your mood for the day.

Do you read or hear the news every morning? Isn't it amazing how we don't notice all the negative things we can hear before even 8 in the morning and how toxic this can be? Imagine yourself driving to work listening to the news in the radio and hearing bad things everyday, every morning, all the time... how does it make you feel? Do you have a good day when you are already in a bad mood? 

This is the reason I stopped listening, watching or even reading the news, if something really important happens I'm going to know, you're going to hear it, believe me. 

This doesn't mean I'm not aware of all the bad things happening in the world, this only means I choose to focus on the positive!

To start the day off right I downloaded an app called Positive Thinking, every morning when I wake up I read positive quotes and affirmations and meditate. I've seen so many good things happen already, or maybe the good things were there but I didn't notice...

I encourage you to do the same, what do you say?

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