martes, 24 de marzo de 2015

How to boost your metabolism

Metabolism is the system that converts calories into energy. The faster your metabolism is, the more calories we burn off so helping your metabolism work is a good idea to lose weight and of course live a healthy life.

There are a lot of things that affect your metabolism, for example I have hypothyroidsm which makes it work slower since the thyroid glad does not produce enough thyroid hormone. 

I have here a list of a few things I do to boost my metabolism, other than taking the medicine the doctor gives me of course.

Sleep: not getting enough sleep is proven to slow metabolism.

Eat healthy fats: coconut oil, dark chocolate, avocado, fish...

Eat small meals every 3 hours: It's very common to think not eating equals weight loss but that's far from the truth. When you eat small meals every few hours, your metabolism is working all day. You'll be burning calories for hours!

Drink 2 liters of water everyday: after drinking that water your metabolism speeds up 30% within 10 minutes. Source:

Exercise: try a HIIT workout, HIIT can jumpstart metabolism and keep us burning calories long after the workout is over. You can see an example of this workout here.

Eat wisely: don't try restrictive diets, instead try to eat clean and switch to a healthy lifestyle. It's better in the long run.

Drink green tea: I must admit I'm not a big fan of tea but I try to have a cup of green tea everyday. Green tea is great for you because not only is it a natural antioxidant but it is proven to speed up your metabolism.

Disclaimer: I'm not a nutrition/fitness expert. This is a "get healthy with me" type of blog. The things I talk about are what I do to stay healthy myself. I you have doubts of any of the things discussed here, it's always better that you do research and ask a doctor or nutritionist.

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