viernes, 6 de marzo de 2015

How to build self-confidence

Being confident is so important in almost every aspect of our lives, yet we all let our insecurities dictate our behavior.

Confident people have so many qualities everyone admires. We all listen to someone who speaks clearly and surely about any subject, someone who can admit they don’t know everything or who apologizes with such a confidence we find it hard to believe. I, personally, admire those people who can give a speech to a big crowd and sound like they have it all figured out.

But being confident isn’t about all that, but about a lot more. I see it every day with my kids I work with; sometimes they can’t even ask a question because they lack self-confidence.

 A person who can’t say no to someone, or can’t fight for what they think is right might be another example, what would you do if you were confident enough to try?

If you are reading this and thinking “that’s me!” then you can follow these tips I followed and teach to my kids at work.

1. Learn! Learning makes us more tools to work with; the more you know the better you’ll feel. So read a book, sign up for new classes. Challenge yourself to learn something new every day.

2. Exercise. This seems to be my advice for everything right? But the psychological effects of exercising makes us feel great, and let’s admit it, if you feel like you look better or are stronger you’ll be gaining self-confidence in the process.

3. Remove negativity. Being negative or being surrounded by negativity will make you feel bad about yourself and bring more negativity into your life. Break the habit, Remember we attract what we think and do! You can also read my post on how tostop Toxic Thinking for extra help.

4. Do one thing every day that makes you smile.

5. Keep track of everything you’ve accomplished instead of the moments or tasks you’ve failed and focus on them. Write them down and read them every night or everytime you’re feeling down. 

6. Stop letting others decide for you. You probably don’t even realize it but you’re doing so by acting how you think others want you to act. Be yourself at all times! You will lose people in the process (that don’t even matter, trust me!) but you’ll attract those you really need in your life. 

7. Trust your instincts, they are always right. If you feel like something isn’t right then you are most probably right.

8. Ask for help. We all need help and admitting it is one of the biggest signs of self confidence. So when there’s something you can’t do by yourself, or if there’s something you need to talk about, ask someone for help.

9. Work on developing the skills you need to win at the things that matter to you. 

10. Don’t compare yourself to others. We are all different and that’s the best part of life. Where’s the fun when everyone’s the same?

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