miércoles, 25 de marzo de 2015

My skincare routine!

When I was younger I had  really bad acne, and the worst part of it is that I couldn't help but touch my face.
It got to a point where I had really dark scars on my cheeks and I had to put a lot of make up on to feel a tiny bit better.

One day I decided it had to end. I went to a good dermatologist and they helped me get rid of those scars and prevent future breakouts. They taught me how to take care of my skin and from that moment on, I've been extra careful with the products I use, which you can find in this post.

All the products I use are from BE+ but this is NOT a sponsored post. This is truly what I use twice a day. I'm not sure if you can find these products outside Spain, so if you're interested in any of the products check their website!

I start my skincare routine with this product to cleanse my face. This is such a gentle product, it leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth. It can be used on all skin types including sensitive skin. To use, massage over the face and neck, using fingertips. Wipe away using a tissue or rinse off with warm water.

I follow up by applying the "anti-shine regulating emulsion". I'll probably say the same about everything from this brand because they are truly very gentle and light. It absorbs pretty fast into the skin, giving you a matt effect. I also use this as a primer before my make up.

Next I use the corrective serum. I started using this after summer last year. I have really sensitive skin and I got a dark spot from the sun. Since I started using this product, I've noticed how it's getting clearer!
*I only use this at night because it's recommended to avoid exposure to UV rays.

The eye cream I use every morning and every night, I love how silky soft this feels on my skin. It brightens the are increasing the light's ability to reflect on the skin. All of BE+ products are incredibly moisturizing, and their eye cream couldn't be better!

Once a week I mix the exfoliating powder with the cleanser to exfoliate the skin. Not much to explain but I couldn't be happier with the results!

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