jueves, 16 de abril de 2015

I believe in animal rights. #GoVegan

I believe in aminal rights.

Just like yesterday, the post I had writen is going to have to wait...

Today I saw this article that talks about how a woman hung her dog on a wall and threw rocks or bricks at it until the poor animal died, apparently because the dog ate a chicken...

A few weeks ago I read on Instagram about 2 or 3 boys that filmed themselves running over a dog 10 times until he died.

Things like that make my heart ache, as an animal lover, a pet parent (yes I consider them my kids); I can't keep silent.

Things like that need to stop. This MUST END.

Animals are living creatures and have rights to live just as much as humans do, or even more. They have the purest souls, they do not harm other animals, or us humans, unless it is really necessary for their survival. They are loyal, they love you in the most unconditional way; yet all we do is hurt them.

Please sign every petition you see that helps fight animal abuse,  treat animals right and report those who are not treating them with the love and respect they deserve.

And, if you can, go vegan.

We can change the world together!

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