jueves, 23 de abril de 2015

Night Time Affirmations

Hi everyone!

In a previous post I talked about morning affirmations to start your day on a positive note, but how do you end your days?

Being positive is so important to live a better life, you attract good things and good people. So today I wanted to share a few mantras to end your day with positivity.

Before we go to sleep, we like to reflect on what happened during the day and wish we would have done something different. Most of the time this made me feel bad and, one bad thought led to another so I found myself in a spiral of negativity.

Recently, I decided to stop this and now I fall asleep faster and wake up better.

1. I did the best I could today. Nobody's perfect. Be proud of who you are and know that you tried your hardest.

2. I have a lot to smile about. There's something good in every day, start focusing on the good. It doesn't matter everything bad will leave your side, and it's not about ignoring it; it's about dealing with your problems with a positive mindset. You'll see the change!

3. I am grateful for the things I have. Let's be honest here, if you're reading this that means you have the internet. You have a bed to sleep on, you have more than others have. What if you woke up today with only the things you thanked for yesterday?

4. I love myself. If you don't love and respect yourself, nobody will. You accept the love you think you deserve.

5. I let all negative feelings fly away. Tell yourself this at night and you'll feel how powerful this is, let everything that no longer serves you go.

6.I am healthy and strong.

7. I believe in myself. Because if you don't then, who will?

8. I am at peace. There's no better feeling than to fall asleep feeling at peace. Tell yourself this every night.

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