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Get to know: The Color Palette

Hello beauties!

Today I have a different kind of post for all of you; I got to interview one of my favorite bloggers and someone I had the pleasure to meet (not personally yet). Her name is Abrily Ponce and she has one of the most amazing blogs, "The Color Palette", where she covers everything from beauty to fitness, not forgetting her biggest passion, fashion.

With a sophisticated design and real knowledge of the subjects she covers, I can already tell her future is going to be great.

Here are the questions I asked her.

RH: Why did you decide to start a blog?

TCP: I had been reading "the Blode Salad" and "Nany's Klozet" for a few years, later on, with new apps like Pinterest and Bloglovin I discovered many more fashion blogs, and I'd think to myself "I could do this, it seems really easy". A day after I finished my college degree, with no job and about to move to a different country, I realized I had so much free time ahead and I decided that writing a blog would be a good way to keep me occupied and make that free time more productive.

RH: What do you love most about writing a blog?
TCP: I love having my own place where I can express myself in the way I want to and somehow, inspire other people and let them inspire me. Something that makes me really happy is when I wake up in the morning and read my readers sweet comments. Other than that, one of my favorite things about writing a blog is that I get to meet a lot of people everyday, it's like a family on the internet. And, I feel like I shouldn't say this but, getting to try and review new products is another perk, who doesn't like a freebie?
RH:What do you get from writing a blog?
TCP: Since the very beginning, my blog has been a constant challenge and I learn from it everyday. I actually hate writing (and my written English is horrible), I don't see myself as a creative person and I've always kept my distance with social media. In the beginning I didn't know how to program or edit pictures, of all the things that were important to be a blogger, I had nothing! So, since I have "The Color Palette", I've learned so much and I try my best everyday to get over all of this and improve all those skills, and my English obviously; and I make myself go on Twitter and tweet every other time.
RH: How do you see your blog in the future?
TCP:  To be honest, I'm impressed by the things that have happened in these 6 months, and I didn't think it would be so easy. I hope to have the same, or more, support from my readers; and of course, to have the opportunity to work with brands.
I'd love to start working with clothing lines in the next 6 months, but whatever happens, I love and enjoy doing this!

RH: What are your favorite blogs?
Nany’s Klozet (and I've been following her work since she had Fab Chic and fit).
For Seven Seasons;  I love her work outfits.
Dulceida; for her style, she's also very polemic everywhere and that amuses me.
Fake leather; because I'm Mexican as well, and you can't deny Adriana's style is amazing! 
Money can buy lipstick; thanks to my obsession with lipsticks and those beautiful pictures all over the blog (blogger goals!!!) 
These are the blogs I can think of right now, I like so many blogs that it's hard to sum up all of them!

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