jueves, 14 de mayo de 2015

The perfect life

One of the worst problems of social media is the illusion that everything is perfect.

As a blogger, sometimes I get overwhelmed by this reality.

Everyone is so obsessed with taking the perfect picture, having the perfect body, living the perfect life, that we, so often, see on Instagram. But the truth is, nothing is as perfect as it seems.
I, sometimes, find myself comparing my own life to those perfect lives I see on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and most recently, on Snapchat; but I also forget that my own life might seem perfect on social media.
Let’s not forget that people like to share the good things. So be grateful for what you have and remember:

It’s okay to accidentally sleep in.
It’s okay to eat pasta 3 times a week. 
It's okay to eat dessert for lunch. It’s okay to ignore your phone because you know you don’t want to go out that day.
It’s okay to watch “Keeping up with the Kardashians” and not feel guilty about it.
It’s okay to eat junk food because you’re too lazy to move that day.
It’s okay to stay in bed all day on a Sunday.
It’s okay to live your life as you wish and not letting society dictate the way you live, the way you look, the way you have to behave. 

Just be yourself!

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