martes, 23 de junio de 2015

The best advice I ever got

When I was younger I used to think friendship had to last forever. I took everything so seriously and I was always stressed about things that didn’t matter.

Maybe it was because it took me a lot to open up to people and actually get friends, that when we had our first big fight, I couldn’t stop crying.

It was because of something so stupid, the typical “he said, she said” situation…

I remember how I felt so alone again, I was so sad none of my friends were talking to me or each other, we were strangers for a while.

I was talking to my Godmother and she gave me one of the best advices I’ve ever gotten: “Don’t take everything so serious, one day you’ll look back and you’ll think ‘wow I was really silly’ and you’ll laugh at everything; so relax and whatever has to happen will happen”

Of course I didn’t understand what she meant at the moment, but now, so many years later I know exactly what she meant. 
I really do look back now and laugh at the confusion, I smile when I remember how smart my friends and I thought we were and I wouldn’t change any of that for anything.

What's the best advice you ever got? If you happen to have a post about it leave the link in the comments.

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