miércoles, 8 de julio de 2015

Mink & Stone | Review

I'm not the type of girl who loves to buy jewelry, I'm really picky and I can't ever decide so I just choose not to get anything.

Recently I came across this website that allows you to design your own piece and I decided to make my own bracelet.

The process of creating my bracelet was hard at first, like I said I can't make these decisions so it took me a few tries until I was happy with my creation.

For this bracelet I was inspired by the sea. Where I live I'm surrounded by beautiful beaches where I used to surf and that was the idea behind this.

To be completely honest, I wanted it to give it as a present to a really good friend of mine but the moment I saw it I fell in love with it, so I'm going to have to design something different for her!

Thanks Mink & Stone for this beautiful bracelet.

You can buy my bracelet here or design your own piece of jewelry  here.

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