domingo, 6 de septiembre de 2015

Sunday Inspiration

This morning I woke up feeling so uninspired.
Normally I use my Sunday to rest and get inspired for the weekend ahead; but today I just feel bad.
I've been going through a time where I just don't feel like doing anything, my dog has been sick and that got me really worried, my doctor told me my hypothyroidsm is worse which made me want to give up. 
And for a while I did. I just didn't do anything productive this month, I haven't been as good as I should with healthy eating, I haven't exercised. 
I basically did everything I always say you're not supposed to do.
But I guess that's what I needed.

As I said, this morning I just felt like not leaving my bed but something inside me kept telling me it's enough!
So I decided today I'd get inspired somehow.

I started with YouTube, maybe I'd find a cute video that moves me and then; Pinterest!

I've talked about my love (obsession) with Pinterest before, and who wouldn't love it?

I started going through pins until I decided to look up "Monday Inspiration" as an effort to get motivated for the week. And it worked!

Here are a few of the quotes that spoke to me.

I hope these made you feel better if you're feeling low like me, and if you're not, I hope these inspire you even more!

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