martes, 29 de septiembre de 2015

Work for your dreams

I want to share with you something that happened to me a few days ago.

As you might know, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, and this summer I put on some weight and was having “trouble” losing it.

I say “trouble” because at the moment I thought I was doing everything in my hand to lose the weight, at least everything I used to do before getting sick.

That led to a really bad summer where I sort of relapsed into my depression that I thought I had overcome completely.

What happened is that one day I woke up and decided this wasn’t me and something had to change. 

I started doing some research into hypothyroidism and ended up finding a girl on Instagram who has hypothyroidism and is still killing it! (click here if you want to see for youself!) 
So I decided to talk to her and ask her for some advice.

She told me she had found a good doctor who had told her what medicine would work and started lifting weight and working out.

That’s when I decided to find a good doctor as well, and I did! 

And what he told me is the actual reason I’m writing this. I thought it is worth sharing.

So last Friday I had my appointment, he checked my thyroid and told me what medicine would work best for me; and then, I told him the same thing I told you earlier… I’m having trouble losing weight!

He then said:

You have a problem now, it’s called hypothyroidism, now I’m not telling you that you can’t lose the weight, of course you can; but in order for that to happen you have to work really hard.

Harder than other people, if you want it really bad then you have to do some sacrifices.

If everything was so easy everyone would make it in the world. Everyone would be rich.

The problem is we are not willing to do what we have to do to achieve our dreams.  I didn’t become a doctor because I partied all the time; I became a doctor because I studied more than 12 hours a day for years.

But for the most part people don’t want to wake up at 6 am to work out and then work out again at night. People are not willing to give up sleep to achieve their dreams.

I want you to work out every day until you feel like crying and fainting, and then continue for another 30 minutes.

So, next time I see you think about what you’ve done to make it happen before telling me you’re having trouble.

What was funny about this little speech he gave me was that, the day before I came across a video saying the exact same thing.

You can imagine how motivated I am since I left. 

And you know I like to keep it real with you, this happened Friday and I have struggled a little twice since then, but then I remember everything he said and it’s keeping me really motivated.

I hope it inspires and motivates you too, not only to lose weight, but also to work hard for your dreams; so hard that when you look back you don’t tell yourself you could have done more.

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