miércoles, 7 de octubre de 2015

Fall Wishlist

I haven't done one of these in so long; so if you want to see what I am most probably going to purchase this fall keep on reading!

1. This is the Jacquard-knit Dress by H&M and you can buy it for only $34.99. Of course I saw this one on Spain's store but I wanted to find it for my US readers and make it easier for them. Get yours here.

2. Scarf from Stradivarius. Now this one I couldn't find it in the USA but you can find it here. Maybe they ship worldwide! This scarf is only 12.95€.

3. Suede ankle boots by Mango. I always get my boots in black or brown, but I saw these and I fell in love with them. Again I looked for them in the US store and you can get yours here for only $119.99.

4. I saw this candle in a video and had to find it! I love candles and I've heard this one smells exactly like fall. It's from Bath & Body works and it's only $4.50. Get yours here.

So there you go. Which one is your favorite?

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