viernes, 2 de octubre de 2015

How to Handle Long Distance Relationships... like a Pro

Today's post is Patience's from Fodreamy view on long distance relationships. Go show her some love and follow her blog!

Long distance relationships are for crazy people! No, I’m serious…I wouldn’t mind getting into one though -does that make me crazy, ha-ha! You be the judge.

Loving someone you’re geographically apart is not easy it can be unfulfilling at times, thank God for technology nowadays- It eases the tension. I wonder how generation X were able to keep up a steamy relationship with their partners with no phones, facetime, skype.

Clearly long distance relationships require effort even in today’s world. If you want them to work and last, you have to give them your all. Luckily as usual, I got your back. I came up with a few tips on how to handle a lasting distance relationship:

  • Ensure both of you are comfortable with having a long distance relationship before anything becomes serious. It’s not easy as you think, loving someone who is in a different time zone requires a steady plan. Ask yourselves what you both expect from it, where you want it to lead and what rules should apply.

  • Communication is key to any relationship. It is crucial to keep an emotional connection strong when you can’t see each other often. It’s not only about the long in-depth conversation about how you spent your day or asking for advice or just daily setbacks and triumph-include the difficulties you are having being in a long distance relationship. It helps create a new dimension to deal with.
  • Do stuff together as other couples would do. You can have “dinner dates” where you skype from home or from your favourite restaurant during dinner. Plan to watch the same movie or read a book and discuss it afterwards.

Trust me for starters if those tips don’t work… get yourself out of that relationship before it’s too late.

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