jueves, 1 de octubre de 2015

The Love/Hate

Jasmine, the girl behind Color U bold, nominated me to do the Love/Hate tag, she’s amazing so go show her some love!

The Rules.
List 10 things that you love and then 10 things that you hate dislike.
Tag 10 other bloggers to complete the tag!

1. Music: I can’t imagine a life without music; I honestly can’t function without music. Cleaning the house? If I don’t have music on forget it! One of my favorite things to do is go for a walk listening to my iPod. It’s super relaxing!

2. YouTube: I love love love love YouTube. Everytime I have time to watch a video on YouTube I will.

3. Gilmore Girls: I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve watched this show, and what amazes me is that no matter how many times I watch it, I can learn something different from it every time.  Also Rory was a great role model to look up to when I was younger.

4. Winter: I love everything about winter. I really don’t like being hot so that’s one of the main reasons I love winter. But come on, cute clothes, boots, nights in with your favorite book and a hot beverage… and I could go on for hours!

5. Christmas: I love Christmas, and it’s weird because my childhood wasn’t that great so I don’t have good memories of Christmas. However, every year I’m more and more excited for Christmas.

6. My babies: Wolfie and Aria are my world! I just love them so much, they make me smile all the time and remind me every day how precious time is, and how to appreciate the little things in life.

7.  Social media: I confess, I’m addicted to social media. Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram… I could spend hours watching people’s stories on Snapchat!

8. The Sea: I have a weird relationship with the sea, I love it but I have so much respect for it.

9. Dolphins: If you know me already you know this one. In fact one of my dreams/goals is to be a Cove Guardian. One day.

10. Reading quotes: I could spend hours on Pinterest just reading quotes.

1. Captivity: One of the things I really really really don’t like (in fact this could be the only one I could use the word hate for) is when animals are in captivity. They don’t belong in captivity so don’t go to a zoo or any kind of place where there are animals in captivity.

2. Summer: Some of you live in a colder place where summer is probably the best season. But where I live, summer is way too hot and humid; forget about doing your make up or straightening your hair because I assure you it won’t last!

3. Drugs: I have never done drugs, but I could tell you how much it will ruin your life with a lot of examples. Say NO to drugs please.

4. Generalizations: I couldn’t even begin to explain how much I really don’t like this. If you meet one person and they are rude to you, don’t assume everyone in the same country is the same. You don’t even know why that person was rude to you, maybe they’re having a bad day or you weren’t as polite as you thought. I used to know someone who kept telling me “everyone in Spain is rude”… *insert angry emoji here*

5. Racism: do I even need to explain why I hate racism? We are all equal and everyone needs to learn that soon!

6. Feeling embarrassed: I still remember moments I felt embarrassed years ago and it’s something that really makes me sad. I’m trying not to be so hard on myself but we’ll see.

7. Ignorance: This goes hand in hand with numbers 4 and 5.

8. Lies: I have 0 tolerance for lies. It completely ruins the person/relationship for me. Even if it’s the tiniest lie.

9. Heights.

10. People who mistreat people/kids/animals.

As for who I tag, I'm not completely sure yet so I will nominate people via Twitter!

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