sábado, 3 de octubre de 2015

Work for your dreams. Update

Earlier this week I started blogging again, I stopped blogging because I was going through a hard time and I was feeling really unmotivated.

One of the things I wrote was that you need to work hard for your dreams, if you want to read that post I’ll leave the link here.

Well I wanted to give you an update hoping it will motivate you even more to work hard, really hard for your dreams.

As I was saying, earlier this week I started blogging again after months without posting anything.

I obviously had 0 visits when I came back; keep this in mind for later.

One of the things that made me stop blogging was that I was seeing no results. For a little more than a year I had around 100 views daily and that number rarely changed.

The problem here was me. I thought blogging would be easy and it was more a matter of luck.

As it happens with YouTubers and people who decides for the first time to start blogging, I thought I’d just have to post a few times a week and forget about it until someone “discovers” me. 

What happened was that a few weeks ago I re-discovered a successful youtuber , I had been subscribed to her main channel for a while and saw how successful she became by uploading a video twice a week, and again, I thought it was a matter of luck.

It wasn’t until I stumbled upon her vlog channel that I realized she didn’t just upload a video twice a week, she also worked really really hard all the time, sometimes even staying up all night, going to sleep at 6 and waking up again at 9 to work some more.

Going back to my visits, as I said I started with 0 visits a day and the first day I posted again I had a goal of 100 views for the day and surprisingly I got a little more than 100.

That made me really excited and for the second day back at blogging I set 200 views as the goal for the day, I had a little more than 200!

The third day you can guess, I had exactly 365 views and yesterday, the fourth day blogging, I had 489!

Today It’s close to 500.

I’ve been blogging every day, twice a day sometimes and sharing so much, making new contacts and commenting religiously on other’s blog. I’m also supporting other’s blogs and sharing theirs.

What I learned is, you really can do everything you set your mind to, but you have to work hard for it, stay positive and be persistent.

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